Here’s What a Commercial Picture Hanging Service Can Do for You

July 23, 2020

commercial picture hanging services

Some people think that they have an eye for where a wall hanging should go and with a simple picture hanging level, a hammer, and a nail they are good to go. That isn’t necessarily true.

Having a few company employees help you hang artwork in your office building may save you money, but it can also lead to costly mistakes and an unprofessional look. You need your artwork hung level, properly spaced, and securely attached so it does not fall.

Professional art hangers have the experience and knowledge to give you the look you want for your business. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using commercial picture hanging services.

Different Art Needs Different Installation

Most people have taken a hammer and nail, slammed a nail into a wall, and hung a picture in their home. Installing artwork in a commercial building takes more expertise to get the job done right.

You are dealing with different types of wall materials. The artwork is often large and may include a variety of pieces requiring different installation techniques. To give your office eye appeal, you likely have a nice assortment of shelving, mirrors, photographs, paintings, wall clocks, metal art, animal heads, and other artwork.

Each piece must be given individual consideration on how to hang based on the item itself, its size and weight, and the type of surface it will be mounted on. A professional art hanging service can place what you want, where you want it.

  • An angled ceiling you want to hang with an unframed canvas photo
  • A collectible figurine in a plexiglass display case you want to hang on a wall
  • Framed paintings you want to display so they appear to be leaning on shelves
  • Decorative large mirrors hung to make a room appear larger

All this and more can be earthquake-proof hung by a professional picture hanging service.

Difficult Installations

You found the perfect display piece for a wall. The artwork is large and heavy. Moving it at the floor level is difficult, and you are nervous about trying to balance it while climbing a ladder.

Your commercial picture hanging service will determine the best hanging mechanism for that piece of artwork. They will know the best hanging solution based on the wall surface the art is being installed on.

The professional art hanger will make sure the artwork is secure and will not pull out of the wall. They will make sure the installation does not cause damage to the wall.  The artwork is not secure if the wall crumbles from improper mounting.

Hanging Older Pieces of Artwork

Business owners enjoy purchasing large display pieces of art at estate sales, art studios, and auctions. These beloved old pieces have the potential for a hanging disaster.

To have a secure installation of pre-hung artwork, an inspection is needed to make sure the hardware or frame is not compromised.

A commercial art service will check to make sure the existing hardware has not come loose within the frame. They will tighten or replace hardware as needed. If the hardware does not meet the recommendations for the size and type of art, the hanging service will install proper hardware.

On pre-hung framed artwork, the commercial hanger will check the miters of the frame to make sure it is not separating. Separation at the corners may indicate the glue or hardware on the frame is failing from age. It can also indicate that the artwork or glass is too heavy for the frame.

Understanding Installation Hardware

To properly hang artwork you need to use hardware that will support 25-50% more weight than what the artwork actually weighs. When making a determination on hardware both the weight of the artwork and the type of wall material where it is being mounted must be considered.

Many use standard commercial hangers or wire hanging. Those systems are not recommended for high-value artwork. There is a large number of hanging systems to select from, and you need to know what type of hardware is best suited to each type of artwork.

The selection of proper picture hanging hardware can be confusing. If you don’t understand the pros and cons of each type of hanger, you need professional help.

Installing into Different Wall Surfaces

You have the perfect piece of artwork and hardware to hang your art. If you don’t know how to install it into your type of wall surface it can create a disaster. The last thing you need is your wall to fall apart, bringing your artwork crashing to the floor.

Drywall is a common wall material that is relatively brittle. It is a good idea to locate a stud when installing artwork. If you cannot find a stud, then you may need to use a drywall anchor. There are different types of drywall anchors, and you need to select the proper type of anchor for the artwork you are installing.

Plaster walls are similar to drywall, and your professional installer will know the specific steps needed for proper installation. This includes knowing that plaster nails may cause the wall to crack.

The type of wood your walls are made of will have a bearing on what type of hardware your installer will use during the installation. The proper hardware will help prevent splitting the wood.

To the amateur installer, brick and stone are a challenge. Installations into this type of material require special equipment including a carbide-tipped masonry drill. Your professional installer will handle this installation with ease.

Selecting Commercial Picture Hanging Services

When selecting a professional picture hanging service you need to find someone who has experience hanging a variety of artwork. The perfect choice is a company that knows how to hang pictures, mirrors, display boxes, shelves, and TVs.

A commercial installer will be knowledgeable about the challenges offered by different wall surfaces. They will know what is needed to place your artwork over a fireplace, in a stairwell, or over an archway.

You want a company that does this business exclusively. They will know the best installation, and what to do if something goes wrong.

Talk to the hanging professional, ask questions. Make sure the company has insurance and guarantees their work. You need to know that if something goes wrong the problem is covered financially.

Ask about references and review them. Client satisfaction speaks louder than any fancy advertising or promises.

Every job is different and every piece of art going on the wall is different. You want a professional installation, and for that you will pay a professional fee. The old adage you get what you pay for rings true for an art installation.

Just because your sister’s boyfriend has hung artwork in a few offices does not mean they are a good choice. They probably are not insured and there is no guarantee the artwork will not fall off the wall at the first earthquake tremor.

Earthquake Proof Your Artwork

In southern California, earthquakes are a way of life. You need earthquake-proof hanging of your artwork to provide the best protection possible when everything shakes.

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